Door-to-Door Travel

Today planning door-to-door travel is a painful experience and impossible in many cases. We are making door-to-door journey locally or globally possible with IMRIDE. You don't have to spend time to figure out all different mode of transport and now can enjoy the travel like a local anywhere.

Seamless Experience

Booking air ticket connecting with ground transport back to back is extremely difficult and leave too much room for "Travel Adventure". We provide seamless travel experience by connecting relevant mode of transportation based on your choice, comfort, and conveniences.

Digital Ticketing

Currently only few mode of transportation service have digital tickets and need to wait in line to get physical tickets. We provide a fully integrated MaaS operation management to service providers so you can enjoy a complete digital experience anywhere in the world and make changes in app easily.

IMRIDE - The ultimate travel experience

Today there are thousands of apps that might help to find mobility options for some part of your journey but to complete a single journey you might need a lot of them and still fall short.

We want to eliminate this horrible experience and creating a new unified experience. That's why we have invented 'IMRIDE'. IMRIDE delivers an amazing experience so you can search, plan, book, pay and manage you're and your family door-to-door travel needs locally or globally in a single app. Our focus is to use the latest and greatest technology to recommend you most optimal and personalize mobility options anywhere in the world.

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