In a click, reach anywhere in the world.

No Need for Maps and Apps

Find our In-Motion "SPOT" technology-powered button anywhere in the digital world. In a click, we can provide the best way to get you to your dream destinations. Map applications are good for local information but none of them provide booking, ticketing or support during your journey yet. Booking apps and websites don't provide all mobility options. We are enabling door-to-door seamless mobility service around the world, one city at a time.

Digital World to Real World

Businesses, social media, blogs, websites, and mobile application can offer an easy button for users to find a safe and reliable way to go to their dream places in a single click. We are removing the barrier between the digital world and the physical world and making the dream of traveling the world come true.

Don't Make Me Think

Today experience to go to your destinations is completely broken and user needs dozens of apps and website to plan a single journey and sometimes even the local mobility. In the world of smart systems and AI, IMRIDE can provide exceptional experience throughout your journey without spending thousands of hours on the internet.

Making Travel Advertising Obsolete

Most of the digital media rely on advertising revenue. Travel industry spends a large sum on the advertisement budget but the ROI is extremely low. With our button technology and deep analytic, travel advertising is irrelevant. Now any digital website and apps can offer a simple button for users to reach their destination in a click.

Boost Revenues and Brand Image

We offer attractive monetary intensives and deep data analytics for large digital platforms like social media, location services, application developers and transportation services providers. This provides a unique way for hotels, restaurants, tourist attractions, city governments and millions of other business to bring more customers to their doorsteps, improve brand image and revenues.

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