We provide different mobility options like after-school programs, daily school rides, and special need rides in partnership with schools and after-school. Children can count on courteous, punctual drivers to pick them up and parents can track rides for an extra sense of security.


Our specialize mobility solution for seniors help them to scheduled ride service to get themselves to and from doctor’s appointments, community events, libraries, and meet-ups. It gives them increased flexibility to live an independent life without restrictions.


We enable daily commute ride-share for employees provided by employers. Many amenities like Wi-Fi-equipped shuttle, comfortable seats, extra legroom, advance arrival notification, and trained drivers assure a joyful door-to-door ride experience between home and work.


Our family travel services allow exploring multiple modes of transportation in selected cities around the world so your family can enjoy a safe, personalize and comfortable experience like a local. They can share the pictures and itinerary of the trip with extended family in real-time.

IMRIDE for Juniors

IMRIDE Junior solves the age-old dilemma for busy parents of not being able to get their children to activities because of their other responsibilities. Whether it’s getting children from two different schools that are located across town from each other to their after-school activity on time or making sure they have the opportunity to socialize with their friends on the weekends, IMRIDE Junior makes it easy for parents to coordinate safe, secure and convenient transportation.

Seamless door-to-door mobility doesn’t just provide transportation for their children though. It offers parents a layer of security and safety that no other mode of transportation can match. From the time a parent arranges a ride for their child, they are informed in real-time of key concerns such as the estimated time the transport will arrive to pick up the children. Along the way, a parent can easily check the status of their child’s journey using the IMRIDE app.

IMRIDE for Seniors

Today’s seniors are more active than ever before and often have social lives that can rival their children’s. What happens, though, when the public transit system isn’t safe or effective? How are those seniors who can’t drive — or who no longer feel comfortable doing so – going to get to their medical appointments and other errands.

Sometimes that task falls to the senior’s children or even their grandchildren, but these loving family members are often busy as well. In some cases, they might even live too far away from the senior. IMRIDE for Seniors is an innovative solution for this growing problem that allows older adults to retain their independence and participate in social events while also staying safe.

Seniors and family members can download the IMRIDE app that gives them a real-time view of their trip. From the estimated time that the vehicle is scheduled to pick up the senior to following the driver’s route to the destination, the easy-to-use IMRIDE app is loaded with powerful features.

IMRIDE for Commuters

All family members who work rely on their own private vehicle or public transportation to get from home to work in busy traffic time. In most cities commuting is one of the most stressful part of the day especially when only one vehicle is available for whole family.

IMRIDE Commute changes the landscape for commuters because now employers provide the ride-share service. This gives families the freedom of a relaxing and stress-free ride home without big financial liabilities. IMRIDE Commute provides real-time tracking, estimated times of arrival, change schedule and share the trip with other family members.

IMRIDE for Travelers

Traveling to a foreign country provides families the opportunity to explore new cultures, enjoy a new experience and have fun together. Often planning the trip for the whole family is a stressful process and assuring the individual’s needs are challenging. They must spend days looking at different websites as they try to cobble together a transportation plan that will work during their stay. In most case, it usually ends up creating more chaos and unpleasant experience.

With IMRIDE for family, families can arrange for door-to-door transportation for the whole trip. IMRIDE finds the appropriate vehicle type that fits the family need and gives the capability to arrange a booking for all local trips independently. IMRIDE optimize the timing, offer family-travel deals, cheap attraction tickets, insurance and route guidance that can provide extra comfort and security for the whole family.