The 3TRealities Acquisition Will Boost ActiveScaler’s Virtual Travel Offerings and Help Expand into a Wide Range of Virtual Experiences


MILPITAS, CA, May 28, 2021– ActiveScaler Inc., a provider of seamless multi-modal services to enable door-to-door mobility locally and globally, announced today that they will acquire the startup 3TRealities Inc. for an undisclosed sum to boost their virtual travel offerings and expand into providing a wide range of virtual experiences. ActiveScaler has been assisting Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and Transportation Service Providers (TSPs) around the world to attract visitors and increase tourism revenues prior to the pandemic and now virtual experiences will be a key differentiating factor to enrich this endeavor.

3TRealities was founded by entrepreneur and travel industry veteran Seth Fabricant as a “Experience-as-a-Service” provider, enabling virtual travel and tourism through AI generated photorealistic virtual worlds designed to immerse the user in interactive and exploratory experiences on VR headsets, gaming consoles, and personal computers. This capability allows users to visit popular tourist attractions and destinations across the world, in social groups, with real tour guides or docents – either live or pre-recorded. The 3TRealities team will join ActiveScaler’s global team to leverage years of experience in developing AI technologies at a global scale, distribution channels, and partnerships to build out new offerings.

With technology spurring evolution in gaming and AI within the entertainment industry, there is a newfound need for new services that bridge the intersection between passive and active entertainment (i.e., between television/streaming and gaming). With the limited mobility caused by the pandemic, the urge for virtual travel experiences has been exacerbated to a level at which passive entertainment and video tours could not fulfill. Abhay Jain, CEO of ActiveScaler, believes, “the adoption of virtual interactive immersive experiences will be accelerated by the increase in users who have been streaming, learning, and working from home due to the global pandemic. DMOs and TSPs globally are searching for a solution that can provide a sustainable virtual experience in the post-pandemic world to increase revenue, not only through physical travel inspiration, but also through continued virtual travel.” He continued, “in the future, we see the potential of 3TRealities’ AI technology expanding to provide experiences across the entertainment industry including music, talk shows, general programming, and many more.”

Fabricant adds: “Our technology has created a way to create photorealistic virtual environments at 100 times the cost efficiency and with 5 to 10 times the development speed compared to traditional gaming industry workflows. This enables creators of all types, from independent artists to AAA studios, to generate their own immersive, interactive content.” Referring to the acquisition, Fabricant adds, “I can’t think of a better way for our services to evolve, expand, and reach an incredibly large market of users – making an impact not only for those with limited mobility options, but also for the large population of curious digital explorers who have gained an affinity for the technology due to the pandemic.”

ActiveScaler will continue 3TRealities’ launch of “Animal World,” providing a way for digital explorers to learn and interact with endangered and rare animal species in realistic environments, developed with the input from leading scientists and educators. This venture will pave the way for a future library of curated experiences allowing users to travel and explore from the comfort of their homes through this evolution of video entertainment, and as a permanent facet of global mobility. Stay tuned for the impending launch date and announcement at!

About ActiveScaler Inc.

ActiveScaler is focused on deploying seamless multi-modal services to enable door-to-door mobility locally and globally through a wide range of solutions designed for taxis, trains, busses, airlines, and other transportation service providers. As a venture backed company based in Silicon Valley with offices all over the globe, the company continues to provide innovative solutions in transportation technology, destination marketing, data analytics, machine learning, and AI to enrich the mobility experiences for consumers and organizations.

About 3TRealities Inc.

3TRealities has been operating as a stealth startup introducing a concept of “Experience-as-a-Service” through the creation of AI-generated, photorealistic environments known as metaverses. With an initial focus on virtual travel and tourism, they have tested their technology creating rich educational and exploratory experiences to support animal conservation, while further developing for broader use across multiple industries.