ActiveScaler provides AI For Fleet Operators.

AI-powered Managed MaaS

ActiveScaler provides “Managed MaaS” which represents the underlying technology required by businesses to implement Mobility-as-a-Service solutions for their market growth.

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Moving billions of people and goods every day is a growing challenge for existing and new mobility operators. These service providers have an urgent need to continually improve services to meet evolving market demand and regulatory compliance. ActiveScaler Managed MaaS automates operations and accelerates growth, enabling mobility operators to focus on customer services.

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01 What is a Mobility Operator?

A business or government organization that provides personal or commercial transportation services. Services may be single mode, such as a taxi service, or multi-mode such as a regional transit agency with buses, trains and shuttles.

02 What is MaaS?

The integration of multiple transportation modes for people or goods into a unified on-demand service. It provides an alternative to private dedicated vehicle use for diverse population segments, business types and geographical regions.

03 What is Managed MaaS?

Managed MaaS represents the underlying technology (customizable AI-powered secure and scalable platform, service modules and applications), required by businesses to implement Mobility-as-a-Service solutions for their market needs.

04 Who benefits from Managed MaaS?

Individuals to reach their destinations with optimal speed, efficiency and cost. Single mode public/private transportation providers such as taxi, shuttle, limo, coach, paratransit, car-sharing, bike-sharing, ride-sourcing, casual car pool and vehicle rentals to increase revenue and customer satisfaction by becoming part of a transit ecosystem. For-hire and private fleets that are under pressure to improve operating efficiency and customer service through higher asset utilization, lower operating expenses, and new service delivery models.

ActiveScaler Managed MaaS

ActiveScaler’s Managed MaaS includes the In-Motion™ mobile + cloud technology with secure high-performance vehicle connectivity via in-vehicle computers, real-time data collection and analytics, smart workflow and automated operations. Additionally, AI-powered FleetFactor™ applications enable fleet and mobility operators to make informed decisions. A rich set of authoring and provisioning tools and an API are also available to third party integrators to develop complementary modular functionality.


FleetFactor is AI-powered software built on the In-Motion platform that uses thousands of data points collected from variety of sources such as internal vehicle data, in-vehicle computers, sensors, driver behavior, CRM/ERP, finance, dispatch and other systems. Implemented with a highly intuitive user interface, it improves automation by providing recommendations, strategies and actionable steps to improve operational KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

01 What is FleetFactor?

FleetFactor is a mobile+cloud service application that digests the data generated by fleet users, vehicles, and business systems. It’s built on the In-Motion deep learning engine and AI  to enable easy access to information and decisions about your fleet’s status and performance.

02 Why do I need FleetFactor?

Instantly get real-time information and decisions about all aspects of your fleet implemented with a highly intuitive UI.

03 What do I get with FleetFactor?

FleetFactor service provides insights into your own fleet and comparison with other fleets along with interactive planning tools to enable higher profitability.

04 What kind of questions can I get answered?

You can ask FleetFactor to monitor certain functional areas, such as safety, and it will watch all relevant internal and external data over time, and provide you with insights. You could also ask specific questions such as: What is not working right today? or Will all of my shipments be on time this week?

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In-Motion™ Platform

Take fleet efficiency and performance to the next level with our open platform and variety of ActiveScaler, 3rd party and your own applications. The In-Motion Platform includes the IMBOT™, In-Motion cloud and SDK/API to enable fleet managers and developers to rapidly create and deploy rich, contextualized, machine intelligence-driven systems with unmatched future flexibility.

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IMBOT features advanced sensors, computer vision, artificial intelligence and analytics to unify and redefine mobility applications. Enhance fleet operations today using our open platform and automation technologies of tomorrow.

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