ActiveScaler provides AI For Fleet Operators.

AI-powered Fleet Management

Get solid business decisions that positively affect your bottom line without wasting time with pointless dashboards, reports, and swarm of alerts

Fleet Owners: Re-Invent Now

Managing all the vehicles, drivers, customers, compliance, complexity and keeping the business profitable is not an easy task. The ActiveScaler In-Motion Intelligence system learns everything from your data and operations to provide effective decision-making capability by using advanced artificial intelligence.

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01 Automate Decisions

Advanced machine learning and big data analytics enable the In-Motion platform to observe your business processes and data to identify relevant facts and meaningful relationships across fleet business functions.

02 Improve Safety

Improve safety for drivers, passengers, assets, and other people on the road through intelligent monitoring with the help of ADAS and event video recording.

03 Reduce Insurance Costs

Reduce premium expenses and legal liability through driver scoring, in-vehicle behavior feedback, driver training programs and vehicle maintenance reports.

04 Enhance Operational Efficiency

Reduce costs and downtime and get the most out of your assets and workforce by optimizing fuel use and routes, monitoring vehicle health, vehicle tracking, as well as event and location-based alerts.

05 Business Flexibility

In today’s fast evolving world of technology and business models, you need an fleet management ecosystem that readily supports new revenue potential. The In-Motion platform allows you to assemble the precise components for your business, for example, to add Mobility-as-a-Service capability to your passenger or freight business.

06 Customized Ecosystem

No two fleets are exactly the same, with customer bases, supply chains, fleet vehicles and more differing from one company to another. Our SDK/APIs and secure platform enables 3rd party or custom add-ons, resulting in optimal integration for lower support costs, scalability and expandability.

ActiveScaler Ecosystem

Our mission is to make managing any fleet as simple, transparent and automated as possible using real-time analytics and predictive analysis built on powerful mobile devices and standard fleet applications, Web services, and vehicle sensors. We enable fleet and safety managers to achieve goals such as reducing cost and liability, enhancing automation, identifying new revenue opportunities and 'right-sizing' the necessary business systems.


FleetFactor is world's first AI-powered transportation business intelligence solution to help fleets managers and owners to monitor and evaluate all aspects of their operations, providing information and decisions to eliminate unnecessary cost and improve efficiency and productivity.

01 What is FleetFactor?

FleetFactor is a mobile+cloud service application that digests the data generated by fleet users, vehicles, and business systems. It’s built on the In-Motion deep learning engine and AI  to enable easy access to information and decisions about your fleet’s status and performance.

02 Why do I need FleetFactor?

Instantly get real-time information and decisions about all aspects of your fleet implemented with a highly intuitive UI.

02 What do I get with FleetFactor?

FleetFactor service provides insights into your own fleet and comparison with other fleets along with interactive planning tools to enable higher profitability.

03 What kind of questions can I get answered?

You can ask FleetFactor to monitor certain functional areas, such as safety, and it will watch all relevant internal and external data over time, and provide you with insights. You could also ask specific questions such as: What is not working right today? or Will all of my shipments be on time this week?

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In-Motion Platform

Take fleet efficiency and performance to the next level with our open platform and variety of ActiveScaler, 3rd party and your own applications. The In-Motion Platform includes the IMBOT™, In-Motion Cloud and SDK/API to enable fleet managers and developers to rapidly create and deploy rich, contextualized, machine intelligence-driven systems with unmatched future flexibility.

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IMBOT features advanced sensors, computer vision, artificial intelligence and analytics to unify and redefine fleet management. Enhance fleet operations today using our open platform and automation technologies of tomorrow.

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